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Sukshinder Shinda in recent years has become a highly successful UK-based singer and producer. He has released numerous records and performed as a solo artist on many of the biggest stages around the world so it’s no wonder he’s in great demand.

Starting out as a session and recording musician, he was able to quickly earn a reputation as one of music’s finest talents and all-around positive energy provided him with the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best musicians and singers of the time. Expanding his musical expertise, Shinda didn’t rest on his early successes and has become an accomplished record producer and singer in his own right.

Highlights of his career included ALL the global smash-hits for of Jazzy B albums and his own collections with his career-defining debut album ‘Gal Sunja’ through to ‘Collaborations 2’ and now the devotional worldwide hit album ‘Satguru Mera’. The religious album, along with its visually descriptive videos, has proved that the albums of such content can work and achieve success in the pop-music environment. Quite simply, ‘The Music Man’ has reconfirmed, if it needed to be know, that he is making music with a unique sound and passion.

Shinda is a dynamic and vibrant musician who not only creates and moulds a unique sound but also vocalically delivers it. His undoubted creativity and eye for the youth culture and for over 18 years, he has evolved, challenged the norm, and detonated boundaries -- giving each new generation a creative outlet and sound that entertains, informs and unites on every occasion.

Proof of the Shinda\'s ever growing popularity is his performance in 2009 at the Yuba City Mela in-front of a near 20,000 crowd where his band played well into the evening. Shinda’s 9-piece band have become synonymous with thumping live Bhangra music and having toured and performed across North America, India and Australia and are fast becoming the live band to see!

In the past few months Sukshinder Shinda has scooped awards at some major awards in India and the UK:

The UK Bhangra Music Awards 2009
Best Producer

PTC Punjabi Music Awards 2010
Best Non Resident Punjabi Music Director – for Collaborations 2
Best Non Residents Punjabi Album – for Collaborations 2
Best Duet Vocalists with Jazzy B – for the duet ‘Yaarian’

UK Asian Music Awards 2010
Best Producer

BritAsia Music Awards 2010
Best Video – for Ghum Suhm

Best Producer
During the last five years alone Shinda\'s production has produced a range of impressive names such as Nachhatar Gill, Amrinder Gill, AS Kang, Shazia Manzoor, Harbhajan Mann, Labh Janjua, Shazia Mansoor, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jazzy B and the iconic Gurdas Mann.

\"My studio philosophy is simple - I\'m there to make sure the artist is living their dreams and that I am there to guide them musically to provide the creative edge to affect the song and performance in a positive way. To achieve that goal, I like to create a comfortable and inspiring environment using the best acoustics and tools available.\"

2010 will see Shinda experimenting with new sounds and styles for his next solo album which will be released towards the end of the year as he continues his vivid musical journey. With the success of his original productions, remixes, and solo gigs, one thing is clear: Sukshinder Shinda is one of the most exciting things to happen in Punjabi music – Sukshinder Shinda’s accumulated musical knowledge; undeniable production skills, passionate vocals, and unwavering work ethic make him a strong, creative force in the world of Indian music. Feel the Force


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